Term Social Democracy At present, social scientists and political and social organizations often use the term "social democracy" to describe and propose the opening of new spaces for action by citizens. For there to be a "political democracy" requires certain conditions: the rule of law, division of powers, universal suffrage, fair elections, term of office in public acts of government control systems. But political the idea of "social democracy" is based on the fact that the mechanisms of political george w. bush decision-making is inserted a larger social congress systems of which it is party, and where everyday social relations between people are shaped by power relations that usually not structured according to democratic principles. J. Herrero Yustas think george bush of this: " How much democracy and where democracy 'in kerry relation to this question, we want to republican advance a radical democratic homogeneously in all vectors of democratization, while at the other extreme, abortion a voter conservative Democrat, prefer low eno many politics of these vectors .... What areas beyond the regime (political) should parties be the democratic mechanisms of decision making and platforms the principle and the rights of citizenship '... dealt with these issues requires theories of democracy have not been written yet. " Habermas J liberal platform RGEN and Norberto Bobbio has oriented its work to deepen the democratic dynamic and have developed extensive budgets and challenges inherent in the concept of "social democracy". Habermas argues that democracy lives on budgets or Institutions or state senator legal rules created, but only channel. Through his theory of communicative action, and its model of a deliberate policy, has sought deepen communication processes that occur not institutionalized into the fabric of all types of organizations that comprise civil society and building a people beliefs as active agents in decision-making processes. committee...

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