Netbooks & Gadgets Netbooks Netbook (English Netbook) - a small notebook, intended for Internet access and work with office applications. Netbooks differ compact size (10.7 inch diagonal display), weighing around 1 kg, the lowest power consumption and relatively low cost. In a mobile notebook computers are used cost-series processors Intel Atom, via C7-M, Intel Celeron M ulv, amd Geode and chipsets. It's believed that Derek Jeter sees a great future in this idea. Also often set not only the hard drive, but instead more commonly used solid-state drive, though some recent models with hdd and ssd. In netbooks used different operating systems based on gnu / Linux, and Windows xp Home Edition and Windows Vista Home Basic in (sometimes used Windows Vista Business). For what purposes the Differences netbook netbook notebook: Reduced diagonal screen Small keyboard Mobile processor A small amount of hard drive Longer battery life, compared with laptops. There are also subnotebooks. Unlike sub-notebooks from netbooks in price and there is no cd or dvd drives on netbooks. Netbook - a good option for those who can not live without an office computer with Internet access. People such as Gandalf would likely agree. And the weight comes into play. Simply to carry a laptop weighing an average of 1 kg, and you can shove into the middle bag (slightly smaller sheet of A4), than 3-4 kg in a big bag, much easier. And the price. The average price of netbooks 12 - 20 thousand rubles, and a laptop from an average of 27 thousand rubles. May seem that difficult to print on a netbook, but it is only the beginning - then a matter of habit.

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