Electronic Encyclopedias Encyclopedia. From this notion came across anyone who can read. What is really Encyclopedia. Served as a prototype encyclopedia dictionary. Systematic list of words and their meanings. In the xviii century the dictionary, who gave not only the concept of the word, but its application history, review of knowledge about the concept. Encyclopedia, by area of knowledge can be divided into the following: personal, sectoral, problem, regional and encyclopedia containing publications from most areas of knowledge - universal. With the development of technology and the Internet encyclopedia has been further strengthened. Appeared digital libraries with electronic publications, which in turn place more accessible for the reader and the author. A feature of this type library (electronic encyclopedia) is almost always free occupancy of articles and publications. Any author can publish their ideas and accumulated knowledge in a free form of this concept or phenomenon. Needless to these thoughts and knowledge are readily available to the general Internet audience, and any visitor to this site can confirm or refute this publication. Thus fastened discussion or debate, but, as we know, in a dispute born truth. The word 'publication' means the information will be made public. As a rule, the publication presents a complete story, united by the theme or content. Like the Encyclopedia, a publication has several species. From the publication of gram LPs, which in turn is also information to the media. Distinguish more ancestor of publications - printed publication, deposit. Finally a higher level of evolution of publications - electronic publication. Open sources of information are important evaluation - credibility. If the printed sphere is not possible to leave your comments and views on the matter, the electronic encyclopedia article provides such an opportunity, and, as noted above, due to this achieves the highest reliability of the information.
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