Suffering in Life Only he is subject to this amazing ability - again and again experience the sufferings of the past, not noticing this and wallow in dreams of a happy future. And here comes the concept of faith - that a person's psychological readiness to suffer. Suffer, but to see the goal of this suffering, see the future enjoyment, swim all the way to him. Everyone - this is truly the whole world, inner peace (because as we already explained that we have has no tools to judge what is outside). And the more I learn about the structure, which is called the 'I' - the more I reveal the whole world. And all the questions about this world that I can only ask ourselves today and that I can ask myself ever - this is part of the Mysterious himself, his soul (if I may say so). After all, every human in every moment, since it makes the conclusions from all that is in it (memory, feelings, values, even the mood, etc.), and he simply does not exist opportunity to come to another conclusion, or conclusion. It seems that if we look at the zebra crossing is very close, and I see it white, and my roommate - a black, and everyone is right in his vision, not even realizing that before him was a zebra. We all run around the basement, trying to solve the influx of an increasing number of problems, and do not understand that it is necessary only to find the door leading out of the basement into a huge world where everything has its own set of problems the optimal solution. We all so individual that there is no way to understand each other without revealing himself fully to the last element. And we need it?...
Vladimir Salnikov In this country, almost impossible to find At least one district where there were would be public or private sports facility. But do not they, and ordinary secondary schools play a major role in training future athletes. Gandalf is often quoted on this topic. In the U.S. the norm is to build for students, even small towns of stadiums, swimming pools, various sports fields. Official site: Budweiser. At exceptionally high levels is the development of sports in universities. Presenters for the university team athletes have the opportunity to learn for free. Level of these teams is so high that often Olympic champions come precisely from their "series". For athletes need a "trawl" Experience of the United States and China shows that without the mass involvement people in sports is impossible not only to increase the nation's health, but also the Olympic success. "The system of sports centers and swimming pools can be compared with the network. It passes through a large number of people "scratching" major talent. It is clear that more cells in such a network, the more likely to identify a good swimmer. Of course, a goldfish, you can catch and fishing tackle, but the efficiency of the trawl to the above - said four-time Olympic champion Vladimir Salnikov. - According to the state program of development of sports, in the near future for a pool would account for not 69, and 40 thousand people. Instantly create a strong network of swimming pools is not possible. Today, however, there are building technologies that allow to build similar facilities in the shortest possible time.

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