The Knowledge Suddenly a classroom wants to work with the fruit, another one with leaf, another one wants to learn on the sun, and thus it goes. He is from there that we go opening the field of the alfabetizao process and, to the side of this, the pupils construct, one cartilha that people flame of Cartilha of the Good, where all construction of the pupil is passed to this cartilha, and at the end of the year it has a book made for it. In our School cartilha does not have one, does not have nothing that, ' ' it looks at has that to follow this, this and isso' '. It swims here in our School is ready, everything has that to know as that it makes. Learning and making, the child has that to think she has that to conclude, to elaborate ideas. People have a very great flexibility here, us we work with the process to interdisciplinar and inside of this process the contents are given in the measure where they are asked for by the pupil. The LOOK OF EURPEDES AND the LOOK OF SCHOOL EURPEDES BARSANULFO ON the Eurpedes PUPILS treated the pupil as this Being that brings multiple experiences and this multiplicity experiences we only go to obtain to understand for a reencarnacionista vision and without this vision in them we limit the capacity of the individual, and also we do not see sensible so that it has a gradual search of the knowledge. In the education process I have that to look at the pupil in its individuality and what of the characteristic to this individuality they are the experiences that it lived, that they are the potentialities that it brings, that he has different levels and that I have that to recognize that...

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