Second Thought Not I know if you it has happened like, that sometimes you think about doing something that you want, you need or you must to do and suddenly a thought arrives at your mind that " says to you; why not to leave it for later? " , " what so tomorrow? " It justifies to you with convincing reasons why he is better to do it at another moment, and all the benefits and advantages that will bring to you to pospone the action. To that I call " to him; the second pensamiento". It has so many resources for convencerte, as the best lawyer of the world. It plans to us, it motivates, it impels to us to " not hacer" the things that as much we want or we needed. I will superficially say as to him step to you to that blessed secondly thought and it party coat. Normally a thought comes mind, whatever, to write an article, to make exercise, to realise a work of the home, etc. Fodder in doing it and when I am about to occupy me in it, it appears of coat and necktie " the second pensamiento" , suggesting it does not do what had in mind and in its place presents/displays a varied menu to me of options with other activities (generally pleasant) stops to choose. It has happened to you? What personally I do, once I am determined to realise a specific activity is: to put in pause the thoughts that they have to do with that activity, until once has initiated the same. I allow myself to think about any different thing. Obvious they pass those thoughts through my mind, but I focus in others. When the second thought realizes I ignore that it, it stops insisting...

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