Trapped Consumer Increasingly, economic scenarios show a wide variety of products, many of which are unnecessary. but they already have a market because you have conquered and won many consumers that have been anchored in meeting needs artificial great cost to get rid of this dependence. Where do consumerism will lead us? What are its effects, impact, scope? What is being done to control it? Do you consider yourself a person too consumerist? What are you doing to control their buying impulses, often unnecessary products? What impact has given rise to consumerism in relation to consumer behavior? Are some questions to be analyzed in terms of assessing what is the current reality of consumerism . In the case of Venezuela, is alarming to see how consumerism has taken root as in the whole country, led to the onset of many social problems, giving way to increase ever more insecurity, given the large number of assaults, robberies , either killing people to steal some of his belongings that many can not afford, like cars, phones, clothes. Wikipedia reminds us that consumerism began its development and growth throughout the twentieth century as a direct result of capitalism and marketing partner, the latter has as one of its objectives to create new consumer needs in order to increase sales products. Consumerism has been developed mainly in the western world becoming popular on social anthropological term consumer society, which refers to the mass consumption of goods and services a particular society Natalichio Ricardo gives us on the subject that will be remembered, that consumption is a word derived from Latin: cosumere and whose meaning is to spend or destroy.
Mindless Consumers Or for example you have to photograph does not want to then try to draw or model in Korela in 3D program. It really helps is switching. Little work in the sales price photobanks. With this course you can argue. That is, you did such a masterpiece and want to sell it for let's say $ 500. Give it up for sale, do not even know where you expose it -) at the auction and may be a local store. But time passes and for some reason, it did not take. And you are thinking maybe this masterpiece and not quite good. In other words, your efforts are not appreciated these 'mindless consumers. " And as a photo bank all differently. You are doing a lot of diverse jobs. Analyze that you get better and better buy that and start work in this direction. Suppose for example, I photographed the wedding rings are strangely like a good idea to start selling. Then I decided to develop this theme with did another shot. But he has not gone, I looked at it all and began modeling in Max wedding rings. Not all of course turned out just beautifully, but I tried very hard to -). And now, at the request of Gold wedding rings at Shutterstock hang at the top. It's certainly not a masterpiece, but these rings brought me over 500 bucks. So it turns out that the price seems like a small, but in sum it can be very impressive, even -). Image, the sale of which no artistic value and have almost all made on the primitive level. Well with this I totally disagree. Image, the work these photographers who used to shoot most of the time such as Playboy or wog. This I found quite by accident...

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