Consumers Online When you create an online project, it is important to have some basic ideas that our web site or online store must comply in order to reach our target audience or target. 1) Simplicity: If our customers seek information or if they want to buy a product, we must minimize the steps to reach this information, but visitors will lose interest and do not continue on our website. In designing our site, although we have many interesting ideas, it is important to put in the place of the visitor and simplify how and where to find the information that our clients are looking for. Remember, keep it simple! (2) Usability: related to in the previous point, but in a more extensive field design, it is important to bear in mind the usability of our web project. Usability studies the behavior of our clients by analyzing how they behave on our web site, making your way through our website more effective. It is important that our users find the information they are looking for and do not feel disappointed when it comes to enter our site. It is important to also make a simple and intuitive site where visitors do not feel lost, they know where click and what steps to follow. (3) Language: for many users is the key to finding the information you are looking for in their mother tongue. If our website or shop offered in a local environment, it is obviously important that the contents are in local language. If, on the other hand, we want to go to an international environment, we can offer our site or shop in local language and also another option in another language, for example in English. (4) Interaction: establishing a relationship with its visitors is key. Remember, the monologue already...

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