Consumer Behavior Put your uniqueness on display for the market.Og Mandino for those who are identified with the role of markets, that it involves at present, especially in light of the characteristics of very active, changing business scenarios, where the consumer is a determining actor in the success for companies, when they satisfy it, Furthermore, understand their reasons for purchase, their behaviour, know relevant considering the cultural code of thistheir traditionalism, custom and manner of how it evolves towards the acquisition, purchase and use of the products you purchase. Precisely, about it, been studies that contribute aspects that are important to consider, so for example, in an interesting article by Silvia Chauvin, posted in the Mental education school in a letter on this subject, tells us, Dr. Clotaire Rapailles an anthropologist and French psychiatrist who has dabbled in cultural anthropology and marketing. From his consulting firm Archetype Discoveries Worldwide with headquarters in New York, provides consulting services to major corporations. His work has been to create marketing campaigns for products as diverse as Procter & Gamble, Nestle, or General Motors, and to help identify the critical ingredients of loyalty brands, work and even the leadership teams. It makes an interesting question that demand, why different cultures process the same information in such different ways? Clotaire Rapaille's answer is simple and straightforward: because the references of each culture systems are different. They are the so-called cultural codes.Its methodology is based on the Archetypes of analysis of Carl Jung and his psychiatric work with autistic kids at Suiza.La Rapaille theory argues that our preference for a particular political candidate or our decisions as buyers are influenced by the subconscious imprints (the term was coined by ethologist Konrad Lorenz in 1935). And that these prints, he declares, they are located in the reptile brain.
The Consumer Get a copy of your report of Creditoel credit report you can get from the central Office of the three leading companies in the consumer information on the Equifax, Experian, and USA of the transport union. You can contact them separately or at the same time through its common clean up credit on the Web site. In use, they will send you a here-free credit report. Remember that you can contact with directly the Office of the credit report. There is absolutely no need to go through a company of the credit services that charge a good amount in fees for something that you can access for free. You must request your credit report each year really, if you have Main credit or if your financial situation is sound. It is possible that certain glaring errors could have been dragged in the report, and you neglected to get these correct errors, they can permanently damage your credit rating. Another thing to be careful for is identity theft. There are quite a few stories around around the Scammers who appropriate the legitimate identities for fraudulent purposes. It is best to monitor your credit report and prevent such problems. Clear your deudasComience to pay off all outstanding debts. Try to clear their debts as soon as you can. First repay all debts that have higher interest rates and then work your way with each other. Not be delayed behind in actualesSea prompt and regular accounts on their current accounts to pay off. Late payments will not well reflected in your credit report. Reduce the cards of Creditoreduzca the number of credit cards you have or that closes down the accounts as a whole. Do not apply for a new credit card until you have paid all their debts. No archive for the...

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