Consumer Markets Marketing in action: high expectations are the key to achieve everything. Sam Walton current time presents very dynamic economic scenarios where competitive markets have led to the management of markets take into account the behavior of consumers, especially by the large range of products offered and where many companies if they are really concerned in meeting the needs of these. It cannot be denied as stated Rodolfo Cremer, the production capacity and the offer available to the vast majority of product categories has grown exponentially; now there are hundreds or thousands of manufacturers where before maybe there just a few. Our geographical borders and physical and legal barriers are disappearing and are more subtle, and borders are moving to national or cultural differences between peoples which in some cases is becoming more homogeneous. Transport and communications have undergone great changes. On the one hand it is the reduction in times of transport and at the same time the increase in carrying capacity, with the consequent reduction in costs. On the other hand it is the ubiquity of communications and integrated leisure and the omnipresence of information technology, as Brend Schmitt says. All of these changes, more access and massive bombardment of information has created a new consumer. A consumer that is less loyal to a brand, unbeliever and skeptical to our messages, with a greater variety of choice and more diverse needs. The schools of administration, as well as postgraduates in Administrative Sciences, especially with the mention markets cannot pass by unnoticed analysis, consumer behavior and adapt their demands, characteristics to the economic scenario of the present. You must make an assessment with the support of a SWOT that determine the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities that are generated according to the current behavior of the consumer. The management of...

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