Philips Consumer Lifestyle Kuenne compares the effect to a one-way membrane which allows the entry of something, but not the output. In other words, not everyone will have jobs when the recession ends and return less sensitive to the price of things. He is added, that this consumer behavior, in general, hides some interesting dynamics that may be helpful for marketing professionals. In addition to evaluating brands to see if they will replace a given product with another or if they are going to opt for a cheaper product, people are beginning to modify their use of their time, said James. This means less cost and greater attention to the home and family. An example of a company in tune with this trend in its ads is Wal-Mart, whose advertising goes beyond place emphasis on low prices. Now the company also wants to show how the achieved savings can contribute positively to the life of the consumer. It is an especially important emphasis in a moment in which you reverses the economy they have led to a deficit of trust between citizens and companies. Substitute products and opt for other cheaper, is not something that is happening everywhere, said Eric Smith, responsible for the supervision of the product line of shaving Norelco and director of marketing for Philips Consumer Lifestyle. Consumers are opting for lower-priced products or remains in the premium segment. In other words, is the segment average of products which has been much more affected than the most expensive line, consumed by people with higher purchasing power or people who have come to the conclusion of that selected activities, such as shaving, fits into one of these categories of products that are willing to pay more to give a little luxury or have guaranteed quality.
Consumer Venezuelan The attitude of saving a lot of useless things tied your life. A company must be fully identified through research carried out in favour of the consumer's behaviour, how this makes your purchase, what are their reasons, process of purchase, purpose, obstacles, impulses, stimuli and determine the way of how you can offer your products and services that encourage you in that is identified with the company that serves. Interested in the way as the Venezuelan consumer makes their purchase, the way how it is carried out, is by what has been studied through the Chair of marketing of graduate school of the University of Carabobo faces and thereon has been determined as says Ana Martinez, participant, that there are some distinctions according to the Venezuelan consumer typedue to that there is a noticeable trend among those unmarried consumers to those who are establishing families and dependents. Also there is a small difference between the tastes and consumption of women to the of the men. Referring to the population of unmarried persons and dependants each day there is a clear trend of consumption not only basic needs of beauty and personal preferences, but saving to seek better living conditions outside the country. Many Venezuelan young people has changed the trend and preferences of parties for better opportunities for professional development and improvement of life in view of the situation of insecurity in the country. If you talk about those who have dependents are buying according to availability and mandatory periods in the year, i.e. beginning of class seasons, December and other mandatory especially for the child population festivities. Many families made desprogramadas shopping and make additional sacrifices by pleasing their children, although it is clearly demonstrated that the largest percentage of purchases is oriented to meet the basic needs of...

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