Social Function The social function of the profiteer the fished profiteer of is a present function in practically all the commercial relations in which the fished one is involved, especially in the Amaznia. Also called street vendor or aviator, generally this function is related of negative form in the productive chain of the fished one. ' ' ... the intermediao establishes ... a deep relation of dependence. The acceptance, pparently resigned, of the low price of the fish on the part of the fisherman, also if must to one ' ' pacto' ' of loyalty existing between some fishing and profiteers, who if create through the moral indebtedness (or material), when the fisherman receives some advancing. But, he can have other bases for the loyalty, beyond that he happens of the loan, as, for example, that basing on the good relationship between partes' ' (OAK, 2002, P. 81) the commercialization of the fished one produced by the colony, since its installation in Manaus, always was carried through by intermediary of one or more profiteers. Although this form of commercialization always to be negative related to the exploration, rise of price of the fished one until the final consumer and to the creation of a relation of economic dependence, the context and function of this activity must be analyzed of neutral form, in order to get the full understanding of the same one. During the period of research of field for the elaboration of this article, the activities of the fished profiteer of had been folloied during a period of 6 hours (12: 00h to 18:00 h), in an only day. , In such a way allied to the interviews with the same and other members of the community, it was verified that a synergy relation occurs and mutualismo enters the parts of...
Philips Consumer Lifestyle Kuenne compares the effect to a one-way membrane which allows the entry of something, but not the output. In other words, not everyone will have jobs when the recession ends and return less sensitive to the price of things. He is added, that this consumer behavior, in general, hides some interesting dynamics that may be helpful for marketing professionals. In addition to evaluating brands to see if they will replace a given product with another or if they are going to opt for a cheaper product, people are beginning to modify their use of their time, said James. This means less cost and greater attention to the home and family. An example of a company in tune with this trend in its ads is Wal-Mart, whose advertising goes beyond place emphasis on low prices. Now the company also wants to show how the achieved savings can contribute positively to the life of the consumer. It is an especially important emphasis in a moment in which you reverses the economy they have led to a deficit of trust between citizens and companies. Substitute products and opt for other cheaper, is not something that is happening everywhere, said Eric Smith, responsible for the supervision of the product line of shaving Norelco and director of marketing for Philips Consumer Lifestyle. Consumers are opting for lower-priced products or remains in the premium segment. In other words, is the segment average of products which has been much more affected than the most expensive line, consumed by people with higher purchasing power or people who have come to the conclusion of that selected activities, such as shaving, fits into one of these categories of products that are willing to pay more to give a little luxury or have guaranteed quality.

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