Heat Retention But one of the main functions of the window (along with the transmission of light) - all same heat retention. Of really high quality windows provide improved thermal protection due to important factors such as increased width of the frame and sash, the presence among them at least two circuits seals and sealed windows. In accordance with Russian construction standards, the level of the necessary thermal insulation of windows depends on the exponent degree-day heating season, which is associated with local climatic features. In particular, the conditions of the Moscow region, the drag coefficient of heat transfer window should not be less than 0.54 m2 C / W, and, For example, for the climatic conditions of Novosibirsk - 0,63 m2? C / watt. This figure is the total for the entire window system and, therefore, depends on the rtd as part of the translucent window and profile itself (the frame and wings), and therefore are an important factor is the material of window designs. Today's market offers consumers a great variety of options of modern window designs based on different materials from which the most common wood, aluminum and pvc. At first glance it seems wooden windows the best choice. After the tree has high insulating properties, resistance to frost (which is very important in our climates) and also quite aesthetically pleasing. But all these positive aspects there is a downside. Being quite hygroscopic, the tree strongly depends on the humidity, which can lead to change in its properties is not the best.
Bird Cherry Bird Cherry. Of the 7 species of wild cherry, occurring in Russia, the most important are: ordinary, or racemose, Asian, etc. antipka bird cherry - tree or large shrub 2.10 m. The largest reserves wild cherry are concentrated in Siberia. According to preliminary data, the wild cherry fruit supplies in the Western and Eastern Siberia and the Far East are respectively 50, 25 and 5 tons of mass harvesting wild cherry are available in Novosibirsk, and in particularly in the Tomsk region, as an opportunity to clean the pads on the equipment for cleaning pads. In the European part of Russia commercial harvesting is possible in the Pskov and Vologda regions, as well as in Ukraine. Antiparallel bird cherry grows in south-western regions of Ukraine, the Crimea, Moldova, the Caucasus and Central Asia. Asian Bird Cherry is close to bird cherry, and grows in Eastern Siberia and the Far East. Fruit - round, black or dark-red drupe with a diameter of 1 cm Stone ovoid, smooth or wrinkled. Taste of sweet fruit, but with a tart flavor. Depending on the conditions of the growing season and the dry places of growth substances in the fruit ranges from 23 to 27%, sugars - from 8.7 to 11.3%. Need cleaning pads. This is mainly glucose and sucrose in part. Titratable acidity of fruits 1-2,3%, dominated by malic and citric acid. The ascorbic acid minimal - up to 4 mg%. The amount of tannin and dyestuffs 210-1660 mg% (110 mg catechins% leucoanthocyanins - 175, flavonols - 500, anthocyanins - 1490 mg%. The leaves contain up to 200 mg% ascorbic acid, and the seeds are glycoside amygdalin. Fresh wild cherry fruit and leaves have bactericidal and fungicidal action. In Siberia and the Urals, wild cherry fruits are widely consumed for making jelly and stewed...

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