Ecuador Atmosphere Orbital systems are natural generators of energy. 5. On earth as much wind power is the product of solar energy conversion, but there are a significant part of wind power is not the product of solar energy conversion, but the product of rotational motion of the earth and the product of the pressure difference between the different atmospheric layers. This phenomenon can be better understood if we try to isolate the different causes of winds and imagine the earth without the sun, and are like any rocky planet with rugged topography and atmosphere, which rotates on its axis, but it has no nearby star will radiate heat to warm the atmosphere, in which case, the atmosphere, not to be rigid, it will move trying to follow the planet's rotation, but does so at a slower rate, the lowest layer of the atmosphere is hectic or driven for the relief of the planet's surface. In the crests of the mountains along the strip near its line of Ecuador provides a permanent wind moves relatively with respect to the surface, which appears to be moving in against the direction of planetary rotation. The kinetic energy of planetary rotation creates permanently. If installed generating windmills along the line of Ecuador, you can generate power indefinitely. That electricity generated by windmills and generators is not the result of the transformation of any other type of energy other than kinetic energy is regenerated, because the celestial bodies that rotate on their axes, not consume or require any energy, because their rotation is due to an inherited inertial motion in a vacuum, where there is friction between the atmosphere and surrounding empty space and its kinetic energy associated with rotation is not diminished when installing windmills.

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