Shakespeare In fact, in our time, when, perhaps, the children will soon begin to speak the word "market" before the word "mother" should be obvious that the first talented readers should see the original assorted sonnets. That is, obviously, again, a vicious circle, which should help cut through this article. However, not even the most talented readers of this note should be aware that "if the stars are lit ...". Hence, one can only imagine what Shakespeare had to use that word in this sonnet. And probably does not need to have seven rocket scientist to suggest that first of all Shakespeare wanted the readers to think about what I'm talking about in this sonnet. For those readers of the original sonnet, which would have reflected this, Shakespeare in the first line of the sonnet and then in his way is clear pointed out that this man lived in the days outworn, of yore, that is, the days have worn in the dust of time, long ago, in ancient times. And, realizing this, and knowing and understanding the works of Shakespeare, readers might assume that the word cheek consumed Shakespeare in the first line of this sonnet, precisely because it is conformable to the word Greek. At the same time the most remarkable thing in this word is that it has two meanings: 1) Greek and 2) the funny thing, but in this case - not understood. Can Rest assured that if the translators of Shakespeare's sonnets were smart and decent people, then the above Russian readers would have understood a long time, since in this sense they have fortified and the corresponding translation key sonnet.
Polyamide For more complex trips waterproof should be higher - not less than 3000mm in / sec. Water-resistant bottom of the tent is calculated slightly different method. This is due to the fact that even a strong wind and rain did not have a direct impact on the bottom of the fabric. Pressure on the bottom is inside the tent, first and foremost human beings. It is therefore very important to know that with what force acts. In practice, the load on the bottom of the tent at the critical points looks like this: * a person in a reclining position - up to 1000mm / s * a man in a sitting position - up to 2000mm / s * standing upright people - up to 5000mm / s; * A person standing on my knees - up to 6000 V / s, * a man who leaned on his elbow - up to 10000mm in / sec. Go to the bottom of the tent more demanding. This is due to the fact that the flowing outer tent can be more than a cover, but flowing bottom can not be helped. Therefore, in simple hikes can use waterproof tent floor to 4000mm i / c, but in difficult hikes tent with waterproof floor below 7000mm B / C use is not desirable. As already mentioned, the bottom of the tent is often made of more durable fabric such as Oxford, but at the cost options for the bottom is made of reinforced polyethylene (similar to the material checked bags). This is a very durable fabric with a high level waterproof (10000mm / c), but quite heavy. The weak point of any tents are seams. Due to the fact that the polyamide and polyester fabrics are prone to divergence at the...

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