Fuji Heavy Industries In Japan defeated the U.S. occupation authorities have applied to the Nakajima Aircraft antitrust and restrictive laws, the company was renamed Fuji Sangye Ltd., As well as Japan it was impossible at that time to have an army, company has started to motor boats, cars, buses and gasoline engines - had to put achievements and talents in these areas. Automobile production is itself was not yet; it can be regarded as the harbinger released in 1946, scooter Rabbit ('rabbit'), which is used to create the remaining since the war aviation spare parts. In 1950 Fuji Sangyo disintegrated into 12 independent events, of which over time has ceased to exist. But already in 1953, five of the most robust of the departments of the company once again came together and united in Fuji Heavy Industries. Later they were joined by six. Corporation, Headquartered in Hiroshima, has started to manufacture jet aircraft, chainsaws, scooters and Rabbit diesel buses and gradually sought more and more success. In 1954 he created the prototype of a car - P-1 (Subaru 1500), for the first time in the Japanese automotive industry realized monocoque body structure. For all its excellent driving performance and comfort of the car has not gone into production because of financial difficulties associated with its production and sales. But later he played a significant role in the development of models Subaru 360 and Subaru 1000. In 1971, Subaru launches model Subaru Leone - the world's first all-wheel drive passenger car, which caused huge interest both among professionals and among ordinary consumers.
European Association Laminate flooring (laminate or laminate) - this is the only leader in sales among a relatively new product in the field of floor coverings. Thanks to modern decor, a new surface structure, there immeasurable feeling of absolute naturalness and genuineness of sex. Due to the increasing volume of construction and relatively high prices to the floor and work on its installation and dedication of people age-old traditions use of wood in interior design, it was dictated in favor of laminate flooring. Many manufacturers of laminates, after analyzed the properties of ordinary wooden coverings have created a material that not only was to have better performance and durability, but became different relatively low cost. This material has very accurately imitate natural parquet floors, antique wooden board, tiling. Also, laminate is suitable for processing different types of interiors with any traffic (shops, restaurants, offices, exhibition and sports halls, hallways, bedrooms, nurseries, etc.). Laminate floors are laid on an existing base of "floating" manner. This method of installation has made laminated covering the most convenient and practical for installation in historic buildings in Western Europe. Premium products - a whole philosophy, the philosophy of the people for whom these products are created, not just an expensive product. And not only the price here is the main criterion. As well as on any other market, the production of such coatings are applied the most modern technology and modern design. To determine an accurate assessment of quality in 1999 were introduced by the European norms of laminate flooring, which were approved by the European Association of manufacturers of laminate flooring (EPLF), which already includes about 20 countries. Each type of flooring is being tested on 18 different tests are conducted in accordance with strict requirements of the Association, including checking for impact resistance, moisture resistance,...

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