Servers The first thing to solve this problem it is necessary to define the purposes for which will be used by the server. If, for example, the server is used solely as a router as a proxy for distribution Inet to other machines, it is quite suitable configuration: Pentium 4 3.0 E GHz / asus P5LD2-SE / C i945P LGA775 atx / ddr ii 512Mb PC5300/Korpus 400W/DVD (+/-) RW/120 Gb. However for the above stated requirements will suffice even when Pentium3 budget option. If you want something more powerful, for example, distributed computing, 1C, file server or to other computers were terminal, then the above described variant has a capacity insufficient to meet these challenges. Will have at least put a little more memory - at least 2 Giga, disk systems, depending on the purpose of the server (at least 2-a drive to 160 GB), make sure disk RAID-array. Motherboard is better to take on the G965 Express (save on the graphics card, you can install more ram, more ports SATA-2), for example, asus P5B-VM. It is also necessary to consider very important points when building the server: Housing is a great choice, with the possibility of additional cooling, power supply only brand (FSP) for at least 400-430 Tues think hvatit.Esli is critical to save the file, pick a RAID-5, but it will take at least three identical hard drives. Well, if the system will be on a separate physical disk, raid is not included. We should also mention what moments can be ignored if you are forced to collect the "budget option" Server: CD-drive does not need a server (after installing the os and configuring it can be removed). No video Windows, alas, does not work. Therefore, those servers can be safely place obsolete low-power PCI-card or use the on-board,...

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