Ventilated Curtain Walls Ventilated Facades is now a fairly modern form of cladding. It is a universal solution for facade in the climatic conditions of our country. Click Tom Sawyer to learn more. Ventilated facades are suitable for new buildings and renovation or major repairs of old ones. Ventilated facades are a design consisting of cluster panels made of composite material and the substructure, made of aluminum. The main difference between the considered the facades of other front is the presence of an air layer between the lining and wall. Thus air flow acts like a 'chimney'. In resulting from the construction of the environment is removed and the internal atmospheric moisture, reduces heat loss. And summer is the facade thermal insulation layer. In order to further insulate exterior design, between wall paneling can be installed and insulating layer of natural or man-made materials, in this case, the ventilation gap remains between the facing and insulation. Requirements for the heater for Mounted Facade systems: fire safety and durability bakteriostatichnost, both characteristics are interrelated, since instability to microorganisms causing premature failure of the material, and its replacement - a complicated and expensive mechanical strength sufficient supply, as loose materials are rapidly destroyed by air currents that circulate under the high heat-insulating lining characteristics of chemical stability - to prevent corrosion of fasteners and wall material ecology - do not contain harmful impurities that do not emit any harmful substances that can be accessed from the current of air in the room. There are various types of ventilated facades lining: fiber cement slabs, natural stone, granite, aluminum panels, composite materials. With hinged ventilated facades are beautiful and effective design solutions. Suspended facade coating transforms the appearance of the building, making it a modern architectural structure with a unique style. More Information on ventilated facades.
National Parameters Curriculum Since the Resolution of Problems is a way of for emphasis in the pupil and its thoughts, if, conveniently developed, it can to contribute to stimulate its creativity, becoming practical the educative more significant mathematics. For this, this work was based on some conceptions of Souza (2009), Smole and Diniz (2001), Polya (1995), Dante (1989), D? Ambrsio (2001) in which points the Resolutions of Problems as methodology and also the National Curricular Parameters (PCNs). It was analyzed deficiency found for these pupils the respect to the too much use of the mathematical symbology, that of certain form constructs to a barrier between theory and the practical one. Finally, a field research was carried through, in which a list with five relative problems was presented the situations found in day-by-day of the pupil. Of form to try to present and to clarify the pertinent questions to the use of the Resolutions of Problems as efficient resource for the mathematical learning. Word-key: Average education. Methodology of Education. Resolution of Problems. ABSTRACT With the aim of analyzing the difficulties presented by students of 2nd grating of high school in relation you problem solving in mathematics, it was tried tells the importance to you of this teaching methodology will be to better development and understanding of mathematics in the classroom and especially in the student? s daily activities. Since troubleshooting is means of giving emphasis will be the student and to his/her thoughts, if properly developed can help you encourage to his/her creativity, becoming mathematics educational practice lives meaningful. He will be that, this work was based on adds Souza? s (2009), Smole? s and Diniz? s (2001), Polya? s (1995), Dante? s (1989), D' Ambrosio? s (2001) conceptions in which resolutions of problems ploughs pointed methodology and the National Parameters Curriculum (PCNs). It...

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