Ready Voter One of the first questions that arise at the idea of representative democracy - whether it promotes the power of the people best able to cope with the tasks corresponding to positions for which they elect? Another problematic place of electoral democracy - match campaign promises real action being taken following the election of a candidate for his position, that is, simply - lies and manipulation in the election or in the name of the rating in the political season. It is believed that the problem of non-candidate of their promises to the electorate decides the practice of political competition for votes. In fact, guided by common meaning or unwillingness to be deceived a second time, voters at the next election should support political opponents "guilty" or a campaign to collect signatures for the feedback people's choice (if procedure required by law). In fact, we see a picture of what you can to voice an allegorical way: the hydra heads of many politicians, and the place of the severed grow new ones. All political forces promise voters a guaranteed opportunity to meet immediate needs and goals, promise a bright future, successful development strategy, respect for history and so on. often differ only by their brands. But even if candidate or party are sincere in seeking to solve a particular problem, how to state voters from election to election we fall more and more expensive barrage of campaigning, to objectively evaluate the possibility of this or that political power is better than others to cope with this problem (or, in principle, handle)? In my opinion, one of the steps in improving the system of representative democracy would be a system of certification for admission to exercise your right to vote as an elector.
Russian Landscapes Going on a weekend break somewhere in the suburbs, be sure to visit Litvinovo! This place pleases everyone the beauty of forests and fields, is famous for its water resources. According to its expanses of meandering flow rivers, lies a huge amount of lakes and ponds. After visiting here, you'll be surprised that Moscow has preserved the place where you can have a good rest and good fishing. Here especially want to mention the fishing club Litvinovo - is the ability to successfully combine an unforgettable holiday and excellent fee-based fishing. In this club anglers are waiting for this stunning beauty of Russian landscapes, an abundance of mushrooms and berries, and gambling, interesting fishing carp and predator fish species. Fishing fans will be amazed at the wealth of fish resources, which manifests itself not only in quantity but also in a variety of fish species, including valuable and unusual species in ponds Litvinovo. The local reservoirs are characterized, above all, very clear water, which determines a large share of biomass not only fish but also crayfish. Connect with other leaders such as Derek Jeter here. Species composition of fish is very diverse: from the traditional species such as carp to trout. Despite that the ponds at the club Litvinovo zarybleny different types of fish to keep in mind that each of the two unique lakes of interesting fish of any one species. For example, if you want to catch good carp, then catch it better large pond. Here and the depth reaches 12 meters, and feeding for fish enough, so it actively multiplies and gaining weight. Perch and pike are caught best in a small lake at lunchtime spinning. Although you can and catch the fry Even the bait near the coast. At least (if not more) important factor is...

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