Bags For Women Custom bags are totally unique creations. The great combination of sizes and decorations give the possibility to make an individual bag for each person. You can choose between different options of pictures you want to print in bags and toiletry. Bags in hand custom are a great idea as gifts for women. Choose from different sizes, colors and material. You will be surprised to see hand bags personalized with your photos. Whether it's a photo of your children, your pet, your favorite place, a flower or a landscape, your bag photo will be like a treasure. Also custom travel bags can have bolsosde travel customized heavy-duty for women. You can find these gifts in various sizes and with the image you want to print on both sides. The interior of the bag is spacious and exterior usually count with handles of laminated leather and zippers. There are versions most small, perfect for everyday use, to go to the gym or simply for those days where you have to upload a few things. Big handbags are classic and elegant and they can be used to exit the weekend. Perfect for trips of long distance and a special gift for that special in your life man. Designer custom Makeup bags usually come in leather or vinyl trimmed with a satin or fabric printing. Classic bag of makeup is perfect by itself or as a complement to a custom handbag. It is ideal for travel, for carrying cosmetics or simply as hand bag. They are ideal as gifts for mother's day. Original author and source of the article
Putting Your Home What Is Sick? Toxic Hazards And How To Avoid Unfortunately, the amount and convenience have replaced the quality and safety in many areas of our lives - including our food, toiletries, cleaners and even our homes. That leaves us vulnerable and exposed to toxic materials at work, school and at home. The news are filled with reports of problematic food additives and chemicals in the buildings. Health problems are emerging, and while the individual investigations are in progress, raises an important question: how healthy is my environment? Many spent hours in and probably have not considered the range of potential pollutants found in these indoor environments, including: gases emitted from carpets, paintings of air conditioning systems, dust mites, fungi, bacteria , pet allergies, smoke, viruses and poor ventilation - that may contribute to an array of health problems now labeled as "sick building syndrome." symptoms include unexplained fatigue, headaches, and breathing difficulties. According to the Environmental Protection Agency of USA, the "sick building syndrome" describes situations in which building occupants experience acute health effects that appear to be linked to time spent in a building, but no specific illness or cause can be diagnosed. Some of these symptoms can become chronic conditions if not treated. Fortunately, simple things you can do at home to improve air quality and diminish the symptoms. 7 precautions at home not to forget "FILTERS Disgusting? Avoid breathing problems checking your air filters often and replace as recommended by the manufacturer. If your filters are not blocked, you may have ventilation problems. AC "OKAY? Check your air conditioning and ventilation system to know if there is breakage or leakage. Make sure your filter is fastened securely on all edges and there are no gaps around them. MOVEMENT! Improve air circulation occasionally airing the house on dry days. Allergy sensitive individuals may want to isolate the...

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