People Society Ryazanov, "Autumn of life as autumn of the year should be not grieved, to bless. " Let us remember how to treat old people before, in olden times. All the peoples of the cult of respect for old age, as a sign of wisdom, life experience. Do people of different nations, before reaching certain age, entered the councils of elders, respected and honored. They asked for advice, relying on their experience and wisdom. In families of higher respect, they felt their necessity and importance, it gave them power and strength. But the people who ran the elders, always found a way out of the most difficult situations, and maintains itself as a community. Many have heard the words that only a society has a future, which correctly treats its weakest members: old and small, that is, to the elderly and children. We know the examples of the disappearance of States, which were powerful, and have sunk into oblivion, because they are early in their development were progressive, and all slogans proclaiming the good, trying to perform. But once a society flourishes and get more and more material wealth, its representatives and sought began to pall for new fun and enjoyment. Forgotten old dream of a better future for all people to come to the fore the personal desires, dreams of youth seemed like a whim. When the consciousness of most of society away from spiritual values and binds to matter, it begins to return to the principles on which a person should not move away: a man - a spiritual being, everything he does on earth does for their spiritual development, no matter whether he knows it or not.
Action Plan can be quite a lot. It is important to determine what is actually necessary to the client? That will give him the fullest satisfaction of his needs? Typically, coaching is an excellent job with this task. After a goal defined, the coach helps the client to find all possible ways to achieve it. Career paths may be many and in any case we can not limit yourself. The basic postulate at this stage: everything is possible! Very often self-restraint does not allow us to find the shortest path to our goal (in this case - to build a career in the shortest possible time with minimal cost). We consider all possible options, including the most nonstandard. It was only after the full list of features is made, the coach and the client is moving to the choice of the optimal path from the resulting list and the compilation of a sequence of specific steps to build a career. These steps for each individual. Someone needs to get a proper education, someone to develop certain personal qualities, someone to change jobs and so on. It all depends on what stage their personal development is man, to aspire to and what resources currently possesses. The Action Plan drawn up as much as possible detailed and specific, with reference to dates. Often at this stage model is used SMART - perhaps the most effective in goal-setting model. Very well, if the client will announce his decisions and the timing of their execution. At the final stage of the coach helps the client to verify the compiled action plan for environmental friendliness. This is a very important step, as a career should not adversely affect other aspects of the client. For example, if a client in the first place are good relationships in the...

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