Calorie Consumption The problem is that when is too restricted calories that are ingested is slows down the metabolism and this makes more difficult still to achieve weight loss. This is one of the reasons why it is suggested that you not decrease daily calories on an excessive amount if you want to keep long term weight reduction. On the other hand, when you have excess calories above your body's energy he is needed, then the calories will be stored as fat. You may now be aware that to get the right caloric intake levels to be able to lose weight should not restrict too much calories. Your daily calorie intake required depends on a number of different factors such as weight, age, gender and lifestyle. A more active person needs more calories due to the fact that burning them quickly in the course of the day. Another point to consider is to identify your objective: want a diet for kept? to lose weight? or to gain weight? On average every half kilo of weight your body represents approximately 3500 calories. Based on this measure, you need to reduce your calorie intake by 3500 calories, this is a Big Mac per week to lose half a kilo. Making diet only, you can see that it will not be possible to lose half a kilo per day unless, of course, you already have a considerable intake of calories and the reduction will leave you with enough food and nutrition to stay healthy. Vitamins can undoubtedly help to compensate for the shortcomings of nutrition. Reducing 100 calories per day throughout the year, it would have consumed 36,500 fewer calories and as a result is a reduction in weight of almost 5 kg. This will achieve a reduction in weight with very few changes in...
Trapped Consumer Increasingly, economic scenarios show a wide variety of products, many of which are unnecessary. but they already have a market because you have conquered and won many consumers that have been anchored in meeting needs artificial great cost to get rid of this dependence. Where do consumerism will lead us? What are its effects, impact, scope? What is being done to control it? Do you consider yourself a person too consumerist? What are you doing to control their buying impulses, often unnecessary products? What impact has given rise to consumerism in relation to consumer behavior? Are some questions to be analyzed in terms of assessing what is the current reality of consumerism . In the case of Venezuela, is alarming to see how consumerism has taken root as in the whole country, led to the onset of many social problems, giving way to increase ever more insecurity, given the large number of assaults, robberies , either killing people to steal some of his belongings that many can not afford, like cars, phones, clothes. Wikipedia reminds us that consumerism began its development and growth throughout the twentieth century as a direct result of capitalism and marketing partner, the latter has as one of its objectives to create new consumer needs in order to increase sales products. Consumerism has been developed mainly in the western world becoming popular on social anthropological term consumer society, which refers to the mass consumption of goods and services a particular society Natalichio Ricardo gives us on the subject that will be remembered, that consumption is a word derived from Latin: cosumere and whose meaning is to spend or destroy.

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